Saturday, August 17, 2013

not only a year older

I was looking for a way  to celebrate another year of my life. I was thinking to reward myself for being stressed out and pressured working so hard. I needed a break or vacation. I deserved a gift or a treat. But what could it be? a new gadget? a pair of new shoes? fashionable clothes? or a salon makeover, perhaps? I know i needed something to make myself feel good for this once-a-year occasion. 


A month ago, I was planning to climb a mountain with my friends as a gift to myself for my birthday. Though it was only my second time to climb, my whole system was determined to plan and set everything. I was excited because some of my friends confirmed to my invitation. So, i started setting all the stuffs to make the plan happened. But then 1 week before the set date of our climb, my friends back out. I feel saddened because i really really want to climb. If i could climb solo? i would, but it's not possible because it's too delicate. 

A few days before our supposed to be climb, i received a call from a friend who is a member of a mountaineering group. He was inviting me for an overnight hike the same date. So without a further ado, i said Yes! immediately. I thought it was a great way to celebrate my birthday and a best gift for myself as well. 

So here are some of the sneak peek..

Mount Pico De Loro at Ternate Cavite, Philippines
This is the very reason why i love to travel and explore my beloved country. 
I'll be sharing the other pictures and happenings on my next post.

After the full packed adventure, some realizations and reflections came to me. Yes, It was indeed a wonderful and ecstatic experience. I thought it was the greatest gift for myself this year. But as i was looking to my pictures and reminiscing my experiences, this question came to my mind, "what greater gifts can i received than the ones JESUS has already given me? 

The answer is, "there's no other greater gifts than Life and Salvation I have with JESUS". The Gift of Life and the Assurance of Salvation is the Greatest and Perfect Gift I've ever received in my whole life. 

In John 3:16 it says, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

After another year of God's faithfulness in my life, I'm not only a year older but a year wiser and a year stronger. I gained new friends, strengthened relationships and had my faith tested with my experiences. These are simply the only gifts i need to take with me to another year. 

feeling good at 22,

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